Apple Land Day Care

Apple Land Educational Information

Education and developmental growth is extremely important for our children. We believe in a wholesome education where Art, Music, Literature, Math, and Physical Eductaion are exposed to our children. We make sure to take the time each day to educate our children correctly. Li Xu has educated children for over 10 years, she customizes each childs education tuning it to their needs. Each program is specially crafted to compliments the child's interests.
Physical Education Li brings 20 years of Gymnastics and Acrobat experience to Apple Land Day Care. Li is a champion Acrobat and Gymnist studying since the age of 5. Li's last performance was circus De Soleil (Florida), and has performed professionally in Disney World (Florida), in Belgium, in France and around the world. Physical Education is a fun experience at Apple Land.
Art Education Apple Land Day Care Keeps up with the latest in childrens in art. The children are exposed to color, drawing, sketching, and other aspects of art. Apple Land Day Care is trained in art, and provides a happy, colorful experience for our children to grow. These are some examples of our childrens work.